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Welcome to the first ever One Time 4 Your Mind brought to you by GlobalGrind! This isn’t the usual, boring, drier than Ashy Larry type of politics blog.

We keep it fresh and get you ready for the weekend with a rundown of the craziest/funniest stories out of D.C. and the important stuff you need to know when you’re kickin’ it with friends, classmates, co-workers, or that cutie you met during the week. Let’s get right to it…

#OWS Going HAM

This past Wednesday, OWS’s occupation of a park that isn’t even on Wall Street hit the one-month mark. The movement has come a long way since just last week when the crotchety old owners of Zuccoti Park almost forced the protesters off their lawn. Since then, Fox “News”‘s favorite “anarchist hippies” took over Times Square, inspired worldwide protests from Miami to Madrid, and released that it had banked over $300K in donations! On top of that, OWS upped their cred even more by finally releasing some demands.

While there were some hiccups this week – more accounts of police brutality in NYC and iconic Princeton University professor/activist Cornel West’s arrest in D.C. – the movement is going strong and continuing to captivate the nation. Stay tuned people (and be sure to check out our new channel on everything OWS coming soon…)

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Republicans Get Gully In Vegas

Republicans held what feels like their millionth debate for the party’s presidential hopefuls in Las Vegas, NV on Tuesday. While these things are usually pretty boring, this year’s cast of cartoon-ish characters kept it interesting.

Everybody is expecting Mitt Romney to win the Republican nomination when it’s all said and done, but leading up to the debate, former Godfather Pizza (has anyone ever seen or eaten at one of these in their life?) CEO and lone African-American Republican candidate Herman Cain was running neck and neck with him in several polls. Unfortunately for those of us pulling for Cain to win the nomination, his 9-9-9 tax plan was laughed at so much during the debate that you’d think the idea really did come from Sim City. Although I disagree with almost everything he stands for I’m rooting hard for him to win it – how much fun would it be to watch a Presidential race between Herman and Barack?

Highlights included when Texas Governor Rick Perry, who acts like how I imagine George W. Bush would if he were on ‘roids and a little tipsy, accused android Mitt Romney of hiring illegal immigrants to work at his home. Mitt seemed to get frustrated when defending himself, proving once and for all that his software includes a least some simulated emotions.

Michele Bachmann tried to stay relevant by going in hard on Obama during the debate and even talked greasy about members of his family. Legendary Las Vegas performer and bizarre plastic surgery enthusiast Wayne Newton was so impressed with her brand of craziness that he co-signed her during one of her post-debate interviews. All I can say is that I’m hyped for the 2012 election season. Get your popcorn ready!

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No We Cain’t

A video of Herman Cain singing about how much he loves pizza surfaced this week and it’s definitely worth checking out. According to the lyrics, one of the reasons why he loves pizza is because it keeps him from turning to his other fast food mistress, KFC fried chicken…

In other news, President Obama’s plan to create jobs continues to face stiff opposition from the Republicans. If you don’t know, the crappy economy has caused a ton of teacher jobs to be cut nationwide. On Thursday, the Senate shot down a $35 billion proposal designed to get state and local governments to hire teachers and help pay the salaries of police officers, firefighters and other first responders. Not one Republican voted in favor of it, saying giving taxpayer money to these governments would be like giving bailout money to shady corporations. You can’t get much more cynical than that.

According to a recent AP poll, 62 percent of Americans favor increasing taxes on people making over a $1 million a year as a way of paying for this kind of thing. With millionaires like Jay-Z and Bill Maher willing to pay higher taxes to help Americans get jobs, we may be on to something here. What do you think?

Stop by next Friday for the latest news in politics, minus the B.S.

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