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First, let me start off by saying, there isn’t just one way to be Black. Black comes in many different forms, lifestyles, shades and personalities.

But in the African American community, we often joke about someone not being Black enough or someone being too Black.

@RHaihambo: “You are not Black enough if you have not eaten this instant porridge even once. Shit used to fight that hunger away.. Especially after you have added the sugar your mom told you not to touch.. really hits the spot.

And let’s not forget how tricky it can be for our biracial family and friends.

But for this particular quiz, we’re referring to the inside jokes we have within the culture. Cause let’s be honest, some ish is just for us. For us, By us.

@0mgitsalyssa: I love how black people have inside jokes that only black people can understand

@Blkyth: Black people deadass make other black people millionaires just off inside jokes.

So with that being said — how Black are you? Take this quiz to find out.

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