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Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers and friends! This day is another reason to celebrate those we love with thoughtful gestures, intimate gatherings and meaningful gifts. Take our special Lover’s Day quiz to discover how you should spend Valentine’s Day this year based upon your personality.

Some people go all out for Valentine’s Day. Whether you and your partner enjoy a fancy dinner at a five star restaurant or you made plans to take a trip on a luxurious yacht, this day is another day to be pampered.

While others find comfort in a more intimate setting with their partner. From a cozy night in snuggled up with your favorite movies to a peaceful day by the beach, you might enjoy the simpler things in life without all of the capitalism the holiday may bring. Don’t get it twisted: You want romance but you want thoughtful adoration and affection.

Even if you don’t have a partner to spend Valentine’s Day with, this can be applied to spending time with your girls or guys for Galentine’s as well. We all have those friends, who want to live it up and go all out, and those friends who would rather keep it cute and chill out. Whichever way you may choose to celebrate today, just know that you are loved.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Are you keeping it cute like Rihanna or going all out like Beyoncé?  Here’s how you should spend the day. Take our quiz below and leave a comment with your results.