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Are you over 3-somes? That is a question I asked myself the other day. Like are people really still doing threesomes, and who do they really benefit?

They say that 3-somes can add a spark to a dead relationship, but if sex is the most important thing in your relationship, isn’t that shit a wrap already? I just don’t see the real value in having a threesome, because it’s just a quick thrill. I can count on one hand how many relationships that survive after bringing more people into your sex life.

It seems like men benefit more for the sexual adventure. You never hear about a husband bringing in another dude to get it in with his wife. It’s always two girls and a guy. Now is that even fair?

I personally believe a threesome is just giving someone a pass to cheat, like a get out of jail free card. “Okay honey you can get it poppin wit that stripper, I just have to be in the room.” That doesn’t even sound logical to me. I’m all for experimenting in your sex life, but there are too many toys and gadgets out there. Threesomes just make shit messy.

I want to BAN 3-somes! Do you feel me Global Grinders?

Cherry Martinez

Global Grind

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