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For the remix to her moving first single, “Invisible,” Skylar Grey decided to change things up.

MUSIC: Kascade & Skylar Grey “Room For Happiness”

Skylar wanted to take her sound to the “Dirty South.” It seems like she ended up in South Europe instead of Atlanta, because “Invisible (Dirty South Remix),” while dope, does not sound southern or “dirty.”

The somber single, about the singer’s own battle with low self-esteem, was turned into a club techno song, but it oddly works!

VIDEO: Skylar Grey Reveals Her Inspiration Behind “Invisible” 

The same deep lyrics haven’t changed, but the speed of the song is now set to a ferocious pace.

Clearly, Skylar wanted you to sweat away your worries if you were feeling down. 

Skylar’s new album, which is also titled Invisible, currently has a release date set for the first quarter of 2012.

The entire album is rumored to be produced by “Love The Way You Lie” producer, Alex Da Kid.  

Take a listen to Skylar’s “Dirty South Remix” below!