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Odd Future‘s offshoot group The Internet gets a little high in their new video “Cocaine.”

Odd Future is a collection of sub-groups and offshoots and Syd Tha Kid and Matt Martian bring their own spin on things as a duo called The Internet. 

NEW MUSIC: The Internet “They Say”

Syd Tha Kid, who happens to be the only girl in Odd Future, walks aimlessly through a carnival. 

As she walks along, Syd Tha Kid spots a cute girl at a carnival and eventually grabs her attention. While playing carnival games and eating cotton candy, Syd introduces her lady muse to one hell of a drug: cocaine. 

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After a great night of hallucinating, Syd Tha Kid tries to wake up her lesbian love interest, but it seems she’s overdosed on coke. Keeping it a little insensitive, Syd Tha Kid hops out her car and removes her coked out lover and pulls off. 

“Cocaine” also features short cameos of Tyler, the Creator and Taco, who run through the carnival like mischievous little kids. 

Definitely an interesting video, check out Syd Tha Kid and Left Brain in their new video “Cocaine.” 

And remember hugs, not drugs kids!

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