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Being a huge Chris Brown fan, you already know I was skeptical when I found out I was going to see Rihanna’s MySpace Concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. I didnt have any expectations going into this, because I’ve seen her perform many times (on tv).

I told myself I’d give her 3 strikes b4 I quit her for good. The show was scheduled to start at 9pm, but I guess she was running a little late. (Strike 1). Before my patience ran thin, Angie Martinez from Hot97 came on stage and hyped us (the crowd) up. Next thing I know, the lights went out and the intro to her album ‘Mad House’ is being played.

It was showtime.

She started the show with my song (yes, I actually love some songs of hers, sue me) ‘Wait Your Turn’ and went straight into ‘Russian Roulette’. I must say, the band was FABULOUS! I love when artists have live bands, because you can feel the energy being put into making the song sound hot. I actually caught myself watching the show and singing along. 

Immediately, I snap out of it, feeling like Im betraying Chris (because Im team Chris for life), but its hard not to dance and be into it. She’s perfoming ‘Please Don’t Stop The Music’ and ‘Take A Bow’ into a ‘Disturbia’ ballad and these are all songs I like!

In recent videos of her perfoming or live performances, it sounded as if she couldnt sing, but I always thought Rihanna could sing and last night, she had me sold. She sounded great, even busted some dance moves.

When she was doing songs like ‘Take A Bow’ and ‘Russian Roulette’, I felt like maybe she was singing to Chris, letting her hurt out, cause I definitely was thinking about my ex when she was singing. She even did ‘Umbrella’, with fans opening their umbrellas in support of Rih-Rih:

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