NFTs are taking over the music, gaming and art industries, and we will explain why you are falling behind as a creative if you don’t tap in soon. An NFT is a collectible digital asset, which also holds value as a type of cryptocurrency. The same way physical art is perceived as a valuable investment, […]

If you look up the word controversial in the dictionary, right next to it you’ll find a beautiful, vibrant photo of Azealia Banks, her bright smile and possibly with a blunt in her hand. Real fans give credit where credit is due — but also call it like they see it. Hence the reason we’re […]

She was at the audio session that Rhymefest allegedly rocked fake Yeezys to; “Why ain’t Kanye give Rhymefest some Yeezys?”

A tight crop top and a braless superstar make for a provocative video.

These trendsetters should be the face of #WorldGothDay.

Before deactivating her Instagram and making her Twitter private, Cardi made a final statement about recent invasions of her privacy.

Banks says she was not bleaching out of shame, but to even out hyper-pigmentation after a shot caused her to breakout.