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In a since deleted Instagram post, Azealia Banks explained to Cardi B why she chose to bleach her skin.

Earlier, Cardi questioned how the Banks could advocate for dark skin women when the Harlem MC has admitted to bleaching her skin in the past.

The two ladies have been exchanging words online since Banks called Cardi “illiterate” on the Breakfast Club last week.

In response to Cardi’s comments about skin bleaching, Banks wrote a lengthy Instagram post stating, “For your information, I bleached my skin die to a severe breakout I had from a depo-provera shot.”

Banks added that Cardi’s comments prove her original point. “Some dark skin women have problems with hyper-pigmentation and it can take years for our scars to fade.”

”The color of my skin has absolutely nothing to do with this greater discussion surrounding Black women’s culture and our representation in media.”

”From what I know, you have always identified as Latina. You’ve only recently began to identify as Black once you became a partner of Hip Hop and felt pressured to represent the women you so often called burnt, bald-headed roaches.”

Azealia also went into detail about Cardi’s natural looks and hygiene in the IG post below.

Banks closed with, “I suggest you leave these types of cultural conversations alone for now. You don’t have the range.”

Hit the jump to read Banks’ tweets calling Cardi an “illiterate stereotype” who could be on the Maury show.

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