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Azealia Banks was the special guest on Wild N’ Out over the weekend, and judging by the end results, now we know why this was her first time on the show — and why it’ll probably be her last.

Banks took to social media to blast Nick and the rest of the cast for going too hard on her complexion and calling her ugly.


The entire WO cast denied AB’s claims that she was being joked on because of her dark skin by people who weren’t even Black.


Folks in the audience saw the whole thing:


The show’s host, Nick Cannon, wasted no time responding to AB’s accusations, in a very respectable manner. He even said a prayer for the star.


But as we all know, once Azealia Banks gets started, she won’t be letting up anytime soon. She continued to go hard on Nick by bringing up his Lupus disease.


Then the story continued on Banks’ IG story. She went in about how Black men don’t protect Black women and let women of other races talk to them any kind of way.


She even decided to cancel the release of her second album Fantasea 2 to “hop on d***”.



But she did have a good time with Yachty on the set of Wild’N Out.


Check out AB’s IG story for the full gag. But do you think she has a point? Or is Azealia just being Azealia?

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