Lupita Nyong'o's children's book "Sulwe" is headed to Netflix as an animated musical movie.

DaniLeigh is facing backlash for previewing her new single "Yellow Bone," and people quickly began to dissect the song's questionable meaning. Fans are livid claiming that the Miami singer, born to two Dominican parents, should not be creating a "light skinned girl" anthem.

The conversation on colorism has so many different layers that it becomes exhausting to try and breakdown for the willfully ignorant. Colorism is a direct result of slavery and its effects trickle down in pretty much every area of human life, from the workplace to entertainment industry — especially when it comes to women. Statistics […]

All wounds aren’t physical. Some are emotional and spiritual, which some would say are even harder to heal from. Firstly, you can’t heal what you don’t address, and as Black folks, there are several unaddressed issues and concerns were have a community. Although many of our issues stem from socio-cultural and economic oppression, it is […]

Since 2018 is all about rewriting old, worn out narratives that hinder society, now is the perfect time to address colorism in television in film. You’ve seen it before: people of lighter complexions are usually cast as kind, attractive, sweet and good — while people with richer or darker skin get cast as the evil, […]

  You would think that in 2017, the whole lightskin vs. darkskin debate would be played out — but apparently, it’s still alive and well. On Friday, a video of a young student getting emotional about feeling inferior due to her darker complexion has gone viral, and celebs are reaching out to make sure that […]

Kodak Black wants to make himself very clear when it comes to his preferences for women — it’s not that he doesn’t like Black women, he just doesn’t like dark-skinned women. Kodak felt the need to explain after he got backlash for saying he doesn’t like Black girls. On Instagram Live, one fan asked if […]

Tinashe has Black Twitter in an uproar due to some recent comments with The Guardian. The “2 On” singer said  it is hard for Black women in the industry and she feels they always have to compete: “Recently, my cousin was with a friend of a friend, who was in high school, and she was […]