The conversation on colorism has so many different layers that it becomes exhausting to try and breakdown for the willfully ignorant. Colorism is a direct result of slavery and its effects trickle down in pretty much every area of human life, from the workplace to entertainment industry — especially when it comes to women. Statistics […]

The light skin vs. dark skin jokes are totally played out — unless you’re referring to an animal or other non-Black human thing. When you think King of the jungle, you for sure think Darkskin lion with a powerful roar. Well, we’ve found the most light skinned acting lion ever and it’s the […]

Since 2018 is all about rewriting old, worn out narratives that hinder society, now is the perfect time to address colorism in television in film. You’ve seen it before: people of lighter complexions are usually cast as kind, attractive, sweet and good — while people with richer or darker skin get cast as the evil, […]

  You would think that in 2017, the whole lightskin vs. darkskin debate would be played out — but apparently, it’s still alive and well. On Friday, a video of a young student getting emotional about feeling inferior due to her darker complexion has gone viral, and celebs are reaching out to make sure that […]

Did Amber Rose help or insult dark skinned women in her latest statement?

Lance Gross was just being like everyone else’s family and sharing a cute photo he took over the holidays with friends when things took an ugly turn. The actor posted a pic posing with friends during an annual holiday trip on Sunday, but many people were more focused on the colorism being displayed than the holiday […]