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Lance Gross was just being like everyone else’s family and sharing a cute photo he took over the holidays with friends when things took an ugly turn.

The actor posted a pic posing with friends during an annual holiday trip on Sunday, but many people were more focused on the colorism being displayed than the holiday PJs. In the controversial photo, Gross sat snuggled up with his wife along with their light-skinned friends and their partners, while a dark-skinned woman sat alone off to the side. His followers were not pleased, tweeting things like:

But the actor responded to all of the backlash, saying the photo is a long-running inside joke shared by the vacationers, who have visited Big Bear together for more than a decade. He took to Instagram to explain the inside joke, writing “We’ve been doin’ the same joke for years. You on the outside looking in. f— your discussions.”


Unfortunately for Lance, the narrative associated with the photo hits home for a lot of black women who are made to feel like the bottom of the barrel in the country. Do you think his pic was insensitive or just an inside family joke?

Source: Atlanta Black Star 


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