Black Twitter has been debating about which is the smarter choice: sitting down with the GOAT or getting an instant $500,000... see what people are choosing inside.

Ashton Kutcher shared a video on Instagram with his wife Mila Kunis, bathing their two children. The couple, along with a few other notable celebrities, sparked a debate a few weeks ago after revealing that they rarely bathe themselves or their children. 

Love Is Blind: After the Altar is streaming on Netflix. Strong Black Lead posted a hilarious clip from the show with the world's favorite Love Is Blind couple Cam and Lauren. Lauren was quickly reminded of the cultural differences between her and her husband Cam. 

This past week, Wonder Woman had a win, as well as an L in the news. Let’s start with the good. Wonder Woman 2 is set to start shooting this summer and according to The Independent, the villain is supposed to be the ruthless Cheetah. Exciting right?! As for Wonder Woman’s loss? According to Variety, […]

Another online debate has surfaced that’s got people all in their feelings. One Twitter user decided to stop the world with this one burning question. The resulting answers will have you questioning what people do in the privacy of their bathrooms. This was not the only answer that caused some heads to turn. […]

It seems like there’s a good amount of pregnant women in California with their hands on some tree. The Journal of the American Medical Association recently did a study based off the questionnaires and laboratory results of 279, 457 pregnant women over an eight year period. They discovered that for the first two months of […]

Getting through the week can be stressful and one Twitter user decided to up people’s blood pressure even more when they posted this pic: Once again, the debate of pineapple with pizza was brought to the forefront. It’s a heated debate. Friends get lost. Relationships are forever destroyed. Was this flip on the pizza […]

Lance Gross was just being like everyone else’s family and sharing a cute photo he took over the holidays with friends when things took an ugly turn. The actor posted a pic posing with friends during an annual holiday trip on Sunday, but many people were more focused on the colorism being displayed than the holiday […]

Lahren stopped by The Daily Show on Wednesday, TIME reports, and Noah engaged her in a pretty heated debate regarding Donald Trump, the BLM Movement, and much more.

One of the greatest debates in hip-hop history is undoubtedly: who was the greatest rapper between Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls? My father proclaimed that Tupac was the wisest man he had ever heard. A local DJ said to me that Biggie was the coldest: “Think about it: as big and unattractive as he was, his […]