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RonReaco Lee and Deon Richmond

Source: / Splash News/Getty Images

On this good Wednesday, many ’90s babies and ’90s teens rejoiced when Netflix announced that some classic Black television shows were coming to the streaming site.

This fall, the beloved sitcoms Moesha, The Game, Sister, Sister, Girlfriends, The Parkers, Half and Half, and One on One will arrive on Netflix, starting with Moesha on August 1.


Almost instantly, the Internet started celebrating the news that these popular UPN, WB and CW shows will be made readily available. Although people began reminiscing about all the shows, one conversation that caused romantic recollection was the boyfriends of Sister, Sister — Tyreke Scott (played by RonReaco Lee) and Jordan Bennett (played by Deon Richmond).

Both Tyreke and Jordan first appeared in season five of the show and eventually became series regulars till the show’s 1999 end. Many people confessed on Twitter, with no shame, that Jordan and Tyreke were their fantasy college boyfriends growing up.


Of course, as soon as either of their names were thought of, the debates commenced over who was finer, or at least, who had the best boyfriend potential.



The debate got pretty spirited with some people caping for Tyreke’s chiseled looks while others thirsted over Jordan’s dashing sense of humor.

Check out the commentary below and be sure to catch Sister, Sister for further investigation when it arrives on Netflix September 1.