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Chris Brown has a documentary on the way directed by Andrew Sandler and produced by Riveting Entertainment.

The world has lost a musical genius in Prince Roger Nelson at the age of 57.

It's been reported that Malik Isaac Taylor aka Phife Dawg - one of the founding members of A Tribe Called Quest - died today.

R&B singer Monica has been alive and well on social media, but we haven’t heard from her musically since her 2012 New Life album. She is currently on tour promoting her highly anticipated new album Code Red while sporting her new red hair. After having the opportunity to see “The Code Red Experience,” it was made very clear that […]

Marchers took to the streets of Washington D.C. this past weekend, chanting the words to the song while celebrating the Million Man March 20-year anniversary.

There’s an old saying, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” and this rings so true, especially when we talk about great singers. Most often in a biography, you will see a singer’s roots bloomed in church. The part that is usually left out is that a lot of great singers also started their professional […]

With season two of the hit Starz drama series Power coming to a close, and the dawning of season two of FOX's Empire on the horizon

One of the greatest debates in hip-hop history is undoubtedly: who was the greatest rapper between Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls? My father proclaimed that Tupac was the wisest man he had ever heard. A local DJ said to me that Biggie was the coldest: “Think about it: as big and unattractive as he was, his […]

https://instagram.com/p/1t8MorPsZK/ Kimberly Denise Jones, aka Lil Kim, recently posted a selfie on her personal Instagram that made me pause and have a flashback. In my mind, I went back to the first time I had ever heard and seen Lil Kim with Junior M.A.F.I.A. She was small, pretty, and raw; giving male rappers a legitimate […]

Blac Chyna pulled out her receipts, because she has had enough.  The former Miami King of Diamonds dancer went to war on social media to right a wrong and regain her royal spot at the throne with her king Tyga, throwing daggers at his new girl, 17-year-old Kylie Jenner. Allegedly, Tyga sent Blac Chyna an I want […]

There’s an old saying ”fashion always repeats itself.” How many of us live by that saying? We won’t throw away those Cross Colour Jeans, because they’re coming back. The same bell bottoms and turtlenecks from the 1970s are casual wear in 2015. Let’s not forget that navy blue peacoat from the US Navy. Unless you walk around […]