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This past week, Wonder Woman had a win, as well as an L in the news.

Let’s start with the good. Wonder Woman 2 is set to start shooting this summer and according to The Independent, the villain is supposed to be the ruthless Cheetah.

Exciting right?!

As for Wonder Woman’s loss? According to Variety, the movie was surpassed by Black Panther in terms of domestic sales. Black Panther has grossed $421.8 million domestically so far, while Wonder Women has made $412.6 million.

And Black Panther did that after only its 12th day in theaters.


Twitter must have been thirsting to stir up some drama because folks started imagining if Black Panther’s right hand woman, Okoye, took on Wonder Woman.


The responses were hilarious, and some were well thought out at the same time. People even dared to imagine if all Black women took on Wonder Woman. Would it be a success?

Swipe through to find out!

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