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Sadly, I don’t see enough black women, or of any other race in big advertising campaigns. As I have said before companies are not putting girls of colour in their campaigns especially in the panic of the recession. During any recession, as we saw this year, we see even less people taking ‘risks’. However, it is at times like these that companies should be open-minded and come up with inspiring concepts. I love blonde hair and blues eyes but the world is also made up of other colours which are just as inspiring and exciting and should be incorporated in campaigns.

Today’s society and culture is a mixture of races and colours which can no longer be ignored.  These models deserve to be represented through fashion. I don’t want to see the work of Iman and Naomi Sims go to waste.  Some changes have been made over the years but it seems like we are now going back to how it was before.

I feel I have to speak about what is going on, and by speaking about it is the only way to draw attention to this ‘territorialism.’  I believe that the way to progress is for leaders to help reeducate their employees and the people that look up them. I hope more leaders can join in by speaking out for change to inspire a new way of thinking about people of colour in fashion.

Love and Light,