The always gorgeous Angela Simmons does a refined photo shoot with ‘implied’ topless pics for Beauty Entertainment (BE!) Magazine. This photo shoot happens to be one of Angela’s most revealing, but she The always gorgeous Angela Simmons does a refined photo shoot with ‘implied’ topless pics for Beauty Entertainment (BE!) Magazine. This photo shoot happens […]

Not exactly, Kim Kardashian was spotted by the paps at a local Best Buy in California getting a new phone. The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashiana’s’ star was helped by one of the store clerks. So imagine you working at Best Buy and Kim Kardashian walks through your doors, that’s super dope. Now that’s how you […]

“I have the most sensitive skin on earth” is what everybody says and some of us really do. My face breaks out if someone kisses my cheek who’s body chemistry doesn’t match mine, I’m allergic to wool, dogs, cats, grass, pollen and the list goes on.   Most people with sensitive skin also have eczema or some form of […]


Dear Global Grinders it’s @ANGELASIMMONS, I just wanted to take this time out to talk to you all about love. I wanted to first share that love can make you do crazy things. But never let being with someone be the downfall of you. I have personally found love to be an amazing thing, but […]

Kim Kardashian never has a dull moment, the sexy reality star was spotted by the paps as she was shopping on Melrose avenue out in Los Angeles, CA. Hopefully she was buying another bathing suit, we never get tired of seeing those sexy curves. In other Kardashian news, both Kim and Khloe will expand their […]


Snooki is pissed.  The most loved/hated character Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi on the popular reality TV show The Jersey Shore tweeted ‘McCain would never put a 10 percent tax on tanning, because he’s pale and he would probable want to be tan.’ Former Presidential candidate John McCain replied via Twitter, ‘U r right, I would never […]


Hey Global Grind! This week was wild! Partied so much. Hung out with my bestest friends. Made out. Passed out. Didn’t recover as fast as I used to… I’m not 20 anymore, that’s for sure. I’m also working on maintaining communication with those close to me.  It’s crucial, because I want to stay close keep […]


I am always asked about my thoughts on men’s fashion, and just fashion in general. I always get nervous sharing my thoughts with you, for several reasons. One being, I never want to expose my secrets, I don’t take ridicule well and fashion is very personal to me, so the views that I have formed […]

Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham got together to showcase their love for fashion and technology to host Night of Fashion and Technology with LG Mobile Phones at Soho House on May 24, 2010 in West Hollywood. The two beautiful wives of sports superstars hosted a star studded night of beauty and celebrity.  Maybe some sort of […]

From the time that we’re young our family, friends, and the media define beauty for us before we can define it for ourselves.  There are certain things that are expected of men as far as their looks are concerned, but it’s nothing compared to the pressure that women feel. Sure, you can say that I […]


On Jessica Simpson’s show, The Price Of Beauty, she took a trip down to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil with some friends to have some fun. She was taking some Samba lessons, and she definintely got busy. Check out this clip from her show where she’s shakin’ what her momma gave her, literally. Then she got […]