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“I have the most sensitive skin on earth” is what everybody says and some of us really do.

My face breaks out if someone kisses my cheek who’s body chemistry doesn’t match mine, I’m allergic to wool, dogs, cats, grass, pollen and the list goes on.  

Most people with sensitive skin also have eczema or some form of dry itchy breakouts.

When I was younger I had THE worst Eczema, but every night mom would rub me down with Eucerin and on bad days give me Benadryl to ease my discomfort.

I used to wear stockings in the summertime it was so bad.


Well I learned to take care of my skin and hear are some inexpensive/some expensive ways to help your sensitive skin. 

The key is to moisture when it matters most, heavily, at night and let skin breathe during the day with a lighter lotion like. U- Lactin.

Watch what you eat , drink plenty of water and watch what you wash your clothes in. So my regimen to get breakouts under control is as follows and all products are at your local drug store.



Items needed:

Abolene – makeup remover – has a light Vaseline-like consistency (find near Ponds makeup remover) – $12.00

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda (keep in plastic container in shower) 99 cents a box.

Soap: Purpose /Dove Sensitive – 4.99

Oil- Olive Oil – or Palmers Cocoa Butter oil 6.99

Sea Breeze Sensitive – (the blue one) 3.99

U-Lactin Lotion- has to be ordered over the counter at

pharmacy- $13.95 16.0z

Laundry Detergent – Dreft/Cheer Free or Ivory Snow – (you may have to add an extra drop of a cleaning agent if clothes are Grimy DIRTY) like Pine Sol, Lysol or Baking Soda -8.99

Zyrtec – take daily – for allergies .- 24.99 for 30 day supply

What to do with it all?:

Take one Zyrtec daily, lightly moisturize with Abolene BEFORE you shower, wash with Purpose/Dove Sensitive, gently exfoliate with Baking Soda ALL over, face included, wash again.

Pat yourself dry use Olive Oil or U-Lactin lotion for day, Abolene or Pure Shea Butter at night. You’ll see a difference immediately.

Ladies especially Use the Abolene to remove ALL makeup and follow with Sea Breeze before moisture. Add to your regimen once or twice a week and see your skin come back alive with less breakouts. Makeup does a doozy so facials once in a while are necessary.

If you suffer from Eczema ask your dermatologist about Fluocinide. It’s the only thing that cleared up my Eczema ever! Wash all clothes in Dreft or Cheer/Free.

Hope this helps somebody, I’m no doctor but I have dry skin and it’s annoying! Grrrrrrr

PS. Working out, helps too.. but u know this already right?

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