The Daily Grind Video

I am always asked about my thoughts on men’s fashion, and just fashion in general. I always get nervous sharing my thoughts with you, for several reasons. One being, I never want to expose my secrets, I don’t take ridicule well and fashion is very personal to me, so the views that I have formed are deeply rooted in thought and knowledge of fashion. However the genuine interest in my picks led me to start ‘PIPIN HOT’, a daily segment that highlights a brand or item I cosign, so for my Grinders and Grindettes:

Unlike food and drugs, no regulatory agency monitors the ingredients of cosmetics, nor is it even law for cosmetic companies to disclose their secret ingredients. That means when you pick up a bottle of fresh-smelling scent, you could be putting almost anything on your wrists and neck. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Environmental Working Group recently published a report which disclosed that 12 out of 17 popular perfumes—including Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue and Calvin Klein Eternity—had hormone-disrupting chemicals and contained on average 10 chemical sensitizers that can cause allergic reactions.

Safer alternatives include Oklahoma-based Skin & Bones, a unisex product that acts as a facial and hand moisturizer, perfume and hair product. Founder Heidi Jenkins created Skin & Bones out of a variety of essential oils, including jojoba, myrrh and ylang ylang. It comes in violet glass bottles (best for preserving the plants’ benefits) that the company will refill. Skin & Bones sells online at Organic Beauty Now for $40.


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