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The Democrats must use the summer recess to recoup from the unexpected successes of backlash while Republicans must use the time to re-gear their messages with items America can buy into. 

Just like in 1992, the Democrats were able to find big victories from the Race to the White House to key victories on Capitol Hill in past fall. 

Just like in 1994, however, the Republicans are poised to overcome a major electoral setback now, due in large part to a scattershot of Democratic leadership spreading in a myriad of directions without the confidence of the American people. 

This is why the Congressional Recess, due to end shortly, has been so important to the supermajority in Washington.  

The time away from the Beltway must provide the Democrats an opportunity to reassess their positions, particularly if their legislative chases for items such as universal health care in the midst of growing debt still have a chance for success. Key legislators are having a hard time selling their vision to the American people, with incidents from congresswomen on cell phones to shouting matches with senators taking more of the spotlight instead of issues and items from the proposals themselves. Other key legislators are stating publicly that there are items in documentation – both with the stimulus package and now with universal health care – that they are not familiar with.  

The break should have given them a chance to study up on the issues and on the will of the voting public.  

The political landscape seems to show that voters kicked Republicans out of Washington last fall because of apathy towards government and resentment towards the GOP after 8 years of President Bush, not because of glowing examples of leadership from the opposition. The Democrats have not done much to convince the political middle of America that their brand of leadership will further the nation economically, militarily, or socially. With the break due to end in September, the Democrats must quickly create confidence within the voters of America before the Republicans completely regain their footing.  

The confidence didn’t come with the stimulus plan. The confidence didn’t come with overseas trips with the power elite from the world stage. It didn’t come from “Cash for Clunkers”, either. It surely hasn’t come from the universal health care plans kicked around Washington – and the nation. 

Hopefully for the Democrats, it will come out of the congressional timeout or else the supermajority will be at risk of not being so super – or even a majority – this time next year.  

Lenny McAllister is the author of a new book, “Diary of a Mad Black PYC (Proud Young Conservative),” which can be purchased online at<span style='font-fa