Spoken Reasons

Comedian Spoken Reasons recently stopped by All Def Digital’s GGN news desk to chat with host Snoop Dogg – er, Lion. The comedian sat with the boss Dogg to dish about his upcoming projects, and then gets so high that he forgets where he is. Reasons won Snoop over before the interview even started by gifting him with […]

OK, let’s be honest. How often do you actually watch live TV? You’re probably all about the on-demand life with your several Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube accounts. But while Netflix seems to always be winning at life and Hulu is the ultimate clutch when you miss your favorite primetime show, web series have still been […]

Mykie introduces a new series called The Drop on All Def Digital’s YouTube channel, taking on celebrity news, entertainment, and pop culture stories. The Drop features daily segments ranging from Miley to KimYe, fan favorites, and more! Stay tuned for the next episode and get caught up with all the previous episodes here.

All Def Digital would like to present its brand new YouTube series, “Doctor Reasons!” The web series stars Spoken Reasons as Dr. Reasons, an M.D. who specializes in sex, relationships and comedy. Reasons takes on serious relationship issues in a hilarious way. The comedian recently left the computer screen for the big screen, landing a […]

Spoken Reasons has created a huge name for himself in the industry as one of the Young Kings of Comedy. The Florida-born comedian’s crazy yet hilarious persona has amassed such a huge following on many social media networks, specifically on YouTube. Well, hard work and dedication also earned Spoken Reasons his film debut in the comedy […]

If you don’t have ADD then you’re not paying attention. So we’re not sure if Spoken Reasons is paying attention because he’s got a lot to say about Russell Simmons and his new YouTube venture, All Def Digital. Spoken Reasons learned quickly not to talk about the boss man, and take it from us … don’t let […]

Russell Simmons has done just about everything you can imagine, but never his own political cartoon…until now! With the announcement of his new Youtube channel called “ADD”, which stands for All Def Digital, the Rushcard head founder has recruited one of his best political leader friends to come into cartoon form for a new show! […]

One thing you don’t want to do when walking into a hip-hop mogul’s office is insult them and their team! It looks like YouTube comedian Spoken Reasons did all of that and got into some mischief when he walked through the doors of Russell Simmons‘ office and demanded he listen to his mixtape. VIDEO: Red Hot! […]

Our friend Spoken Reasons is about to make his Hollywood debut in the new movie The Heat starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy – and he couldn’t have picked a better flick!  VIDEO: Spoken Reasons Goes From YouTube To The Big Screen The movie looks absolutely hilarious and the new Red Band trailer shows us […]

YouTube sensation turned actor, Spoken Reasons, sat down with GlobalGrind’s Xilla to discuss Frank Ocean‘s coming out. Xilla’s Hip-Pop Soap Box: D’Angelo, New Orleans & Essence Music Fest  The two discuss the possibility of a new Gay Top 10 List in the near future of newly out artists, how being gay opens up a new […]

From YouTube to the big screen! Stand up comedian Spoken Reasons, who crowns himself king of the internet, has landed a major movie role. VIDEO: Spoken Reasons Chimes In On The Amber Cole Video Spoken will star alongside big-time actress Sandra Bullock and Bridesmaids breakout star Melissa McCarthy in the new film, which will be directed by Paul […]

Comedian Spoken Reasons decided to take to his YouTube page to voice his opinion about the infamous Amber Cole video. STORY: Amber Cole Video: Do You Want To Watch This?  If you aren’t aware, Amber Cole is a 14-year-old girl who was videotaped giving oral sex to an ex-boyfriend on school grounds. The video quickly […]