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Russell Simmons has done just about everything you can imagine, but never his own political cartoon…until now!

With the announcement of his new Youtube channel called “ADD”, which stands for All Def Digital, the Rushcard head founder has recruited one of his best political leader friends to come into cartoon form for a new show!

President Barack Obama is in the flesh as B-Rock, which is also the name of the show, as he fights to protect his family, turns up for America.

Showing off a new alter-ego, the description of the show says:

An outrageous, irreverent, and hilarious spin on the Obama White House, B-ROCK chronicles the adventures of our 44th President’s eponymously-named super-alter ego. Leading the Free World isn’t an easy task. And while diplomacy is preferred, sometimes the President needs to put down his ego-suppressing Cool cigarettes and get “gangsta,” transforming into the trash-talking, butt-kicking, doorag-wearing gangsta, B-ROCK. No pundit, politician, or terrorist is safe from his wrath…

This should be pretty interesting! We wonder if the Prez will be tuning in!

ADD looks like it’s going to have a bunch of features that will leave us in stitches. Even the trailer for the channel featuring Spoken Reazsons has us LOL-ing! Check out both the trailers above and below!