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OK, let’s be honest.

How often do you actually watch live TV? You’re probably all about the on-demand life with your several Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube accounts. But while Netflix seems to always be winning at life and Hulu is the ultimate clutch when you miss your favorite primetime show, web series have still been consistently on the come-up.

So here are 15 web series you should be watching if you already aren’t.


This show, starring Andra Fuller as Jay and Shayla Hale as Tamiko, perfectly outlines the crazy relationship between two roommates/lovers/friends.

Hello Cupid

From Black and Sexy TV and Lena Waithe, producer of the satirical film Dear White People, this web series follows besties looking for love, played by Hayley Norman and Ashley Blaine (who also stars in Dear White People).


Waithe also wrote and created this funny pilot presentation for YouTube about a group of black women in their twenties, and now she’s inked a deal with BET for the show.

Well Dunn with Jourdan Dunn 

Aside from the scripted shows, YouTube also offers up some fun through shows like Well Dunn. The concept–a supermodel cooking her favorite hearty dishes along with some of her favorite celebrities, is offered up under Jay Z’s Life + Times YouTube channel.

Love Dollhouse

This docu-web series – courtesy of Russell Simmons’ ADD channel – follows the girls from the R&B girl group Love Dollhouse as they rise to fame.

Pursuit of Sexiness

Familiar faces Nicole Byer of Girl Code and Sasheer Zamata, the newest face of SNL, play two friends just trying to get by with their own rules in this hilarious web series. While parts of the show seem comparable to HBO’s GIRLS, this show has a realer (and funnier) take on what it means to be broke, single (and cute!) in NYC.

This My Show 

Jameel Saleem and Bresha Webb star in this priceless web series about a woman trying to convince her man to take part in a fake reality show inspired by the likes of Basketball Wives and Love & Hip-Hop.

Dr. Reasons 

This All Def Digital show features the YouTube sensation Spoken Reasons in a whole new setting as Dr. Reasons – a couple’s therapist with a different but downright funny approach.

Broad City 

This witty series started back in 2010 following two friends named Illana and Abbi in NYC, addressing moments like what’s the proper way to tip a homeless man and how to deal with obnoxious co-workers. While the show recently got a deal with Comedy Central and is being produced by none other than comedic genius Amy Poehler, the original web series still lives on.

Brothers With No Game

This British comedy follows the lives of four friends as they go through the motions and drama that come with relationships. Their experiences at times can be all too relatable and some of the characters may even remind you of some of your own boys.

Strip Club Queens and P.O.P. (Power of Pussy) 

We know 2 Chainz “loves dem strippers” and after watching these web series you may love (or just as well hate) them too. Strip Club Queens follows the semi-glamorous lives of some premiere strippers, but also highlights the stress that goes along with it (i.e. baby daddy issues, college, etc.). The show’s only downside is that you have to pay to watch the full series on UrbanClout. If you’re not about that, you can watch the free 4-part series P.O.P, which is similar concept, but instead follows several of Atlanta’s top strippers from the infamous club Magic City.

Video Game High School

Let out your inner-nerd with this popular web series. Packed with action, comedy, and of course video games, this series knows how to keep you entertained.

Almost Home

Our favorite Parenthood child-star Reagan Gomez is back with a web series started via IndieGoGo. The series follows brother and sister Lisa and DeJaun, who move to SoCal after their mother’s death. Although the show has dramatic undertones, the show can still give you a good laugh. Season 2 is currently underway.


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