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Comedian Spoken Reasons recently stopped by All Def Digital’s GGN news desk to chat with host Snoop Dogg – er, Lion.

The comedian sat with the boss Dogg to dish about his upcoming projects, and then gets so high that he forgets where he is.

Reasons won Snoop over before the interview even started by gifting him with a rolled up joint, which he called “Strawberry Cough,” and a signed copy of his latest movie The Heat, which he stars in alongside Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.

He even told Snoop the story behind his name:

“I started doing stand up in ’09, it’s funny but I actually started off doing poetry. That’s why my name is Spoken Reasons.”

A sit down featuring Spoken Reasons, Snoop Dogg and weed? Priceless! Check out the hilarious interview above.

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