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Spoken Reasons has created a huge name for himself in the industry as one of the Young Kings of Comedy.

The Florida-born comedian’s crazy yet hilarious persona has amassed such a huge following on many social media networks, specifically on YouTube. Well, hard work and dedication also earned Spoken Reasons his film debut in the comedy The Heat starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.

In honor of Spoken Reasons’ success, we came up with a list of his most hilarious videos that have left us wanting more.

White girl gets a taste of black discipline:

For the unblock of Necole Bitchie:

The best song ever swag swag, no sense:

Haters ain’t nothin but fans:

The difference between love and lust..Pay attention!

Are you getting played?

Where is the dislike button when you need it..

People follow you to unfollow you, the curve is real:

Double Standards with teacher and student relationships:

When a woman disrespects a bus driver…uppercut:

Where respect and dignity lacks:

You sure you wanna get a lower back tattoo?

If you bend your ass over in pictures just to make your ass look big, you’re basic!


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