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What’s up GG,

I have been really excited for the past week or so about being a part of the blogging world, especially with a large community like in an effort to connect with so many people and establish dialogue about a range of subjects from relationships to family to spirituality, so it really upsets me that my first entry has to be about something totally ridiculous.  It was a rude awakening to start my day receiving phone calls about some so-called “twitter beef” I have going on with one of the Atlanta Housewives and one that I don’t even really know.  First of all, this twitter account circulating with my name is NOT ME.  I don’t even really twitter and I especially wouldn’t spend energy to post anyone’s personal information on a world-wide forum, for what?  That serves no purpose to me.  Secondly, I am raising a family and have too many daily responsibilities that take up too much of my valuable time t o be involving myself in some petty, childish foolishness.
And please know that I must be growing and changing because even though I am mad as hell that someone feels the need to misrepresent me in the most unnecessary way, I refuse to get involved in a catty battle with someone that I don’t even know.  So to the haters, sorry to disappoint if you were expecting me to revert back to behaviors of the past, but I have too much joy in my life to have it be compromised by a false rumor.  And with that said, I look forward to really getting deep into this blog and sharing experiences and asking you guys questions that will hopefully move us all in a more positive direction.