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The photo above shows an Occupy Portland protester being sprayed in the face at close range with pepper spray while another protester holds up a peace sign directly next to her. The Portland Police officers appear to be geared up for full on combat for the protesters who are simply armed with their peace signs. 

PHOTOS: BATTLE NEW YORK! Police Empty Zuccotti Park Of Occupy Wall Street Protesters!

Images of the Occupy movement are becoming exponentially disturbing as the protests elevates. At the start of the movement, photographs showcasing witty picket signs and protesters setting up camp dominated mainstream media.

STORY: Colin Powell Is Riding With Occupy Wall Street “As American As Apple Pie”

As the movement has made its way around the world, photographs of officers using excessive force on peaceful protesters is dominating the space of the aforementioned.

We are disheartened by photos such as the one shown above and hope that the protest can remain peaceful—on both the ends of the police and the protesters.