Occupy Wall Street protesters claim that New York Police Department officers violated their constitutional rights.

  Occupy Wall Street is back, and ready to take on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  On the contrary to what it may sound like, the movement isn’t planning on camping out Zuccotti Park-style at Lincoln Center, but they do have their bit to say about the unfair treatment of interns in the fashion industry.  According […]

Yesterday marked the one-year birthday of the movement that shifted a nation, Occupy Wall Street.  The Occupiers took to the street once again to express their free speech and stand strong for the 99 percent. As expected, law enforcement and Occupiers alike were out in full force, resulting in the arrest of over 100 Occupiers. […]

First, I want to thank Jay-Z for his recent public statements regarding the Occupy movement. I respect his honesty and I welcome this exchange as an opportunity to share, learn and build. I know that in many ways Jay is not alone, since his feelings mirror those of many members of the community, who have […]

Today marks the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, and as expected, both protesters and law enforcement are out in full force.  So far over 100 arrests gave been reported this morning alone in New York City’s Financial District. The New York Times reports: …protesters converged near the New York Stock Exchange and tried […]

About 300 people ended a march for the 1 year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street in a concrete park that served as headquarters for the movement, in NYC’s Lower Manhattan and several were arrested. DETAILS: Jay-Z Knocks Occupy Wall Street Huffington Post reports: Police patrolled the crowd Saturday and took at least a dozen people […]

Jay-Z recently gave what was possibly the most candid interview of his life to New York Times Magazine, where he opened up on everything from fatherhood to politics. PHOTOS: Proud Papa Jay-Z Gets More Candid Than Ever For NY Times Magazine After gushing over raising Blue Ivy, reporter Zadie Smith turned things to Occupy Wall […]

Last week, a Texas A&M graduate was killed by a fellow soldier during training. As if the grief wasn’t enough for the family of 42-year-old Army Lieutenant Colonel Roy Lin Tisdale, Westboro Church had plans to protest his funeral.  STORY: It’s On! Barack To Tackle Drug War In Second Term The Kansas based church group is known to […]

ìYou donít need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.î ñ Bob Dylan For those of us in the 99% Movement who started organizing Occupy in the spring of 2011, Flag Day June 14th marks the one-year anniversary since we first gathered in Zuccotti Park and 22 other locations across the country. It […]

Pittsburgh and New York City police are searching for 19-year-old Stevie Bates, an Occupy Wall Street protester who has gone missing after traveling cross country with OWS friends while heading to an Occupy event. STORY: May Day, May Day! Occupy Wall Street Is BACK! Stevie was last heard from when she stopped at a layover […]

Russell Simmons sat down and talked with MSNBC’s Martin Bashir about his campaign for democratic reform and efforts to revive the Occupy Wall Street rallies. EXCLUSIVE: Why I Occupy By Russell Simmons Earlier this week, we observed the May Day demonstrations going on all around the world to bring light to the continuing income inequality […]

Springtime is finally upon us, and the Occupy Wall Street folks are back again on the first day of May. Many protests and demonstrations are set to occur in major U.S. cities across the country involving labor unions, immigration activists and Occupiers in support of international workers’ holiday. STORY: Occupy’s Back! OWS Will Let Freedom […]