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Occupy Wall Street is back, and ready to take on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. 

On the contrary to what it may sound like, the movement isn’t planning on camping out Zuccotti Park-style at Lincoln Center, but they do have their bit to say about the unfair treatment of interns in the fashion industry. 

According to a report by Buzzfeed Shift, the Intern Labor Rights division of the movement has something up their sleeve for the season that starts on Thursday. 

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As reported by Buzzfeed: 

Intern Labor Rights, a division of the Occupy Wall Street movement, plans to protest unpaid internships at New York Fashion Week, which will draws hordes of international media and industry members to the city when it begins on February 7. The protest is still in the planning stages, but organizers expect to have a visible presence at fashion show venues Friday, February 8 through Sunday February 10. Demonstrations will also take place at subsequent London and Paris Fashion Weeks.

The group organizer Peter Walsh said members were still in the process of determining where exactly the demonstrations will take place at New York Fashion Week to maximize visibility. The group is planning to hand out swag bags, including a tote and pin that say “pay your interns.”

At the very least, the protests will open up a dialogue about the working conditions of interns.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for the protesters during NYFW, and will definitely be slipping a pin on if we find one. 

SOURCE: BuzzFeed