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About 300 people ended a march for the 1 year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street in a concrete park that served as headquarters for the movement, in NYC’s Lower Manhattan and several were arrested.

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Huffington Post reports:

Police patrolled the crowd Saturday and took at least a dozen people into custody near Trinity Church that borders Zuccotti Park. Police confirmed they made arrests but did not have the total number.

Protesters first gathered in Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village and headed south down Broadway, chanting and ending at Zuccotti Park. The group then thinned out.

The march took place on the first day of a three day planned event. However the official anniversary day is Monday.

Reportedly, activists are expected to attempt to surround the New York Stock Exchange and cause disruption to the morning rush hour traffic in Manhattan’s financial district.

Today the organisers have planned a live music event, including a Foley Square concert featuring Tom Morello, guitarist for the rock band Rage Against the Machine.

SOURCE: Huffington Post


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