Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court today. Read more about how we feel about the decision inside.

The heartbeat of healthcare is the dedicated nurse who is the first and last person a patient sees during a hospital visit or routine checkup. Today, we celebrate them on National Nurses Day. Check out our list of celebrities who you didn't know were once nurses before the fame inside.

Elon Musk is somewhere in space right now completely unaware of what us peasants are dealing with here on planet Earth. Musk made a few observations about coronavirus on Twitter after testing both positive and negative for Covid-19. He called the tests "extremely bogus." Now, Tesla's CEO has been coined "Space Karen."


This help wanted ad from @InterimHealth posted in a local Pennysaver blatantly states no Haitians will be considered — David Carlucci (@davidcarlucci) October 18,…

According to reports (and his Twitter account), Senator Ted Cruz will run for president of the United States. Cruz is slated to make an official announcement sometime today. He is expected to launch a presidential bid and become the first Republican presidential candidate without creating an exploratory committee. According to his senior advisors, Cruz will […]

Afroman, the artist behind the single “Because I Got High,” was arrested Tuesday evening after slapping a female fan. The incident happened at his show in Biloxi, Mississippi when the woman snuck her way on stage. After hitting her, he continued performing. Afroman was arrested and charged with assault. He released a statement to Billboard claiming he didn’t […]

Yep. That’s the President of the United States of America. Using a selfie stick. And teaching the nation, it’s all in the pose. Seriously, did you catch that “smile and dip?” Thanks to BuzzFeed, who teamed up with the White House to promote Obamacare (and make this epic video), we now know that President Obama […]

Guys. Our First Lady is officially the coolest. First there was “Snackpocalypse.” Then there was her “Let’s Move” skit with Will Ferrell. And now there’s a Vine of Michelle Obama dancing with a turnip to Lil Jon and DJ Snake’s “Turn Down For What” because…healthy eating. It all started when Barack Obama impersonator Imman Crosson (@AlphaCat) […]

Data released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday is showing that over 10,000 children between the ages of 2 and 3-years-old are currently being medicated for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in the United States. The report also shows that many of the children’s medication is covered by Medicaid, which has led to speculation […]

With Monday marking the deadline for Americans to sign up for an affordable health care plan on, skeptics were worried that the Obama administration wouldn’t reach their six million enrollment target. But as Tuesday rolled around, one thing was clear — Obama and his administration “made it.” According to White House spokesperson Jay Carney, 7,041,000 […]

When President Obama pushed for affordable health care for all, he wasn’t excluding stars. Believe it or not, celebrities aren’t exempt from accidents. And health care isn’t an automatic perk when you’re famous. Take it from Love & Hip-Hop star Yandy Smith, who spoke candidly about losing her health insurance and wondering how she would […]