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According to reports (and his Twitter account), Senator Ted Cruz will run for president of the United States. Cruz is slated to make an official announcement sometime today. He is expected to launch a presidential bid and become the first Republican presidential candidate without creating an exploratory committee. According to his senior advisors, Cruz will try to raise about $50 million dollars for his campaign and hopes to garner support from Tea Party voters who helped him get his foot in the door in Washington. Read more.

The woman who attempted to kill Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. while he was visiting Harlem in 1958 has died. Izola Ware Curry, 98, passed away in a Queens nursing home. Fifty-seven years ago, while Dr. King was signing books in Harlem, Curry approached him and stabbed him in the chest with a letter opener. A decade later, Dr. King mentioned the incident in a speech that he delivered the day before he died. Read more.

Yesterday marked the 5-year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, an initiative designed to make healthcare accessible for millions of Americans. President Obama released a statement reflecting on the impact it’s had on the country: “After five years of the Affordable Care Act, more than 16 million uninsured Americans have gained the security of health insurance – an achievement that has cut the ranks of the uninsured by nearly one third. These aren’t just numbers. Because of this law, there are parents who can finally afford to take their kids to the doctor,” he said in a statement. “There are families who no longer risk losing their home or savings just because someone gets sick. There are young people free to pursue their dreams and start their own business without worrying about losing access to healthcare. There are Americans who, without this law, would not be alive today.”


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