This shocking footage will have you at full attention in London.

In Jay, Oklahoma, a father was way too quick with his gun when he thought someone was driving off in his older son’s car. Tony Rutherford, 47, went to his older son Bryce’s home after neighbors called him saying they saw multiple cars parked in Bryce’s lot. According to The Herald Sun, Tony arrived at […]

Tragedy hit a Mississippi home on Saturday when things got out of control over a video game. A 13-year-old girl was killed by her 9-year-old brother after she refused to give up her video game controller. Monroe County Sheriff Cecil Cantrell said the girl was shot in the back of the head and she later […]

Twitter is collecting Madonna this week after she decided to take a photo op in a Rio de Janeiro favela. Madonna was in Brazil for her manager’s wedding and while there, she decided to take a tour of the Morro da Providência favela. She posted a picture to Instagram of herself wearing a camo outfit […]

An argument escalated to a tragedy in one Chicago community on Sunday. In the Burnside neighborhood on the South Side, Donald Johnson, 22, was arguing with his 43-year-old father over who would walk the dog that morning. Eventually, the intensity increased and both family members shot each other at about 8:20 a.m., according to Chicago police […]


Five Dallas officers were fatally shot, while six others, including a civilian, were injured at a protest Thursday over two recent fatal police shootings.


Police in Amarillo, Texas are responding to reports of an active shooter and a possible hostage situation in a Walmart store in the city.