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Last Wednesday, Bronx teen Lesandro Guzman-Feliz, lovingly called Junior, was brutally stabbed by five men outside a Belmont bodega. According to The New York Times, his attack was allegedly a gang’s response to a sex video that spread on social media. A guy filmed himself having sex with one of the gang member’s sister and he shared the video, causing the five guys to come after him.

They mistakingly identified Junior as the culprit and stabbed him with machetes. He died later while trying to make his way to the hospital. He was only 15 years old.

Video of Junior’s stabbing was caught on surveillance footage that went viral and sparked outrage on social media. Many folks didn’t understand how bystanders looked on while Junior was being brutally attacked.

The gang associated with the attack was reportedly the Trinitarios, a Dominican gang. According to New York Daily News, members contacted Junior’s brother-in-law via Facebook, apologizing for killing the wrong person.

Junior had dreams of becoming a police officer and his mother described him as “one of the good kids in the Bronx. He liked to play PlayStation, he liked pizza, he liked Dave & Busters.”

One suspect has since been arrested for the murder.

Meanwhile, folks have donated to the GoFundMe page for Junior’s family, including Cardi B (under her real name Belcalis Almanzar).Rihanna even shared a heartfelt message of support.


Swipe through for more reactions to Junior’s death including gifts from LaLa and Carmelo Anthony. 

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