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shadow of knife

Source: Daniel Allan / Getty

A biker in London took road rage to a whole new level when a guy almost ran him over on Wednesday.

According to the New York Post, dash cam footage captured a blue Volkswagen suddenly pulling out of a space and nearly hitting the cyclist. Now obviously, this is a situation that warrants anger. But this cyclist went straight to death mode by pulling out a massive knife, then running up to the window of the driver, trying to get in.

When the cyclist smashed into the passenger window, the 19-year-old driver fled.

“The victim, a 19-year-old man in an attempt to escape collided with another vehicle, exiting on foot. He was followed by the suspect,” a police officer said. “The victim later returned to his car after the suspect made off. No reported injuries.” You can watch a clip of the video below.

This apparently isn’t an isolated incident either. Knife crimes in London are on the rise with 37 people already dead this year.


Seems like folks have to watch out for a whole different beast when strolling the streets of London.