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Elon Musk & Grimes Met Gala 2018

Source: (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images) / (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Elon Musk is somewhere in space right now completely unaware of what us peasants are dealing with here on planet Earth. Musk made a few observations about coronavirus on Twitter after testing both positive and negative for Covid-19. He called the tests “extremely bogus.” Now, Tesla’s CEO has been coined “Space Karen.” Dr. Emma Bell is the real winner this Monday for spotlighting Elon Musk’s rather misleading statements about the virus. She essentially made Space Karen trend while educating the masses on how these rapid antigen tests actually work.

Some of the since-deleted tweets by the chief designer of “Space-X”  were quite confusing and particularly harmful to the many onlookers who get most of their major news from social media platforms like Twitter. Thankfully, there are many scholars and healthcare professionals on standby waiting to correct Musk. It just happened to also be a comedic moment to kickstart another long but short week in the chaotic news cycle of 2020.

The photoshopped blonde and brown short cut with the bang is really what sent us over the edge today. Elon Musk doesn’t look too bad as a Karen. Everyone has joined in on the fun with their own variations of Space Karen.

No one knew the basis of Space Karen trending this morning, but were pleasantly surprised to see Elon Musk in a new wig on Beyonce’s internet. It honestly didn’t matter why Space Karen was trending. People knew it led to something hilarious.

The importance of Elon Musk’s virality is education. Dr. Emma Bell sharing information on the effectiveness of these new rapid antigen tests are vital to slowing down the risks of spreading Covid-19 anymore than we already have. Dr. Bell discusses how these tests traded “sensitivity for speed” in her tweet naming Musk Space Karen. She also gives a more elaborate explanation using a graph to explain the probability of COVID-19 detection for the available tests.

The lesson here is to not just check what is trending, but to also understand why and get the research for yourself. Do not believe everything you read on the Internet or speak on topics you are not well versed on. Otherwise, you may end up like Mr. Musk with a new nickname and simply trending for your sheer ignorance.

Without further ado, Space Karen everyone.