1. The best way to let them know you made it? Selfie. Duh.

2. President Obama sneaks in a “We Made It” face during an international meeting.

3. President Obama daps a White House visitor up with the mean “We Made It” mug.

4. Letting the crowd know that we made it.

5. What better way to let them know you made it than to point out your boys too?

6. Obama giving face in a serious “we made it” pose.


8. Oval Office meetings? Oh, he made it.

9. Instagram…he made it.

10. Calling the shots? He made it.

11. Poppin’ bottles? Oh, we made it.

12. Not having to call Uber for a taxi? He made it.

13. WE MADE IT!Some serious mean-mugging “We Made It” adorableness happening right now. Can you handle it?

14. Serving serious boss status with the perfect “we made it” expression.

15. Cheers to that!

16. The American people stanning for the President means one thing…he made it.

17. “You made it or nah?”

18. Obama’s big State of the Union grin is totally a “We Made It” moment.

19. Sending a toast out to those who made it.

20. “We made it, we made it.”

21. Quintessential “We Made It” face? We think so.

22. Clearly they made it.


24. President Obama and FLOTUS cuddle up in the White House.

25. We made it…obviously.

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