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On the eve of Thanksgiving, Kid RockT.I. and Angaleena Presley just want to show all of the people hurting out there that they “Care.”

VIDEO: Kid Rock Is BFF’s With The Blacks 

“Care” is the fourth single off of Kid Rock’s platinum selling eighth studio album, Born Free, and it’s probably the most heartfelt track off of that disc. The somber, bluesy song is a anthem to all of the people who are in the struggle, so it was only right that the video showcase some of that pain. 

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The black and white video is pretty moody, showing-off downtown Detroit, a area that has been poverty-stricken for years, and a multitude of working class folks.

The everyday struggle is real to both Kid Rock and T.I. who both come from impoverished areas in the United States (Kid Rock comes from Detroit, while Tip is from Atlanta.)

Kid Rock is also showing he cares in another way. He is currently going on tour around the country, and with each stop he donates money to a charity from that area. 

It’s a pretty cool deed that he’s doing, and we hope that watching his latest inspires you to do some good, too.

Take a look at it and let us know what you think!

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