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On this day of thanks, the Simmons and Hounsou family united to celebrate their beautiful family and their wonderful lives together. 

Russell headed out to LA to join his two lovely daughters, Ming and Aoki at their home to eat the ceremonious meal with their mother, Kimora and their step-father, Djimon and the cutest boy in the world, Kenzo, who even go in on the tofurkey action!  Ming and Aoki’s grandmother also joined the festivities and cousin Angela, who enjoys a meatless lifestyle as a vegetarian, stopped by for dessert.

Of course the vegan and yogi Russell kept it strictly to-furkey, but the rest of the family rocked the bird.

Besides from having one of the most beautiful families in America, the Simmons and Hounsous have much to be thankful for. The family of tweeters that includes: @UncleRush @OfficialKimora @DjimonHounsou and @AngelaSimmons all tweeted their thanks throughout the day, but wanted to save these exclusive pictures for the GlobalGrind family.

So, enjoy these pics and enjoy the time you are spending with your loved ones!