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Kanye West returned home with his big brother Jay-Z!

The kilt-wearing “No Church In The Wild” rapper surprised residents around the 77th St./South Shore area yesterday by showing up in his old hood with Jay-Z. 

PHOTOS: Kanye West and Jay-Z Head To Yeezie’s Old Hood

The Watch The Throne rappers  were in town for a concert scheduled at the United Center in Chicago. We are told once folks got a wind of hip-hop royalty being on the block they ran outside, some of them barely dressed!

All in the price of meeting living legends.

VIDEO: Kanye Launches Voyr With BTS WTT Footage

Guess Kanye really doesn’t have issues going back home, as he rapped in his song “Homecoming,” “Excellence is the bare minimum.” 

Check out these great photos of Jay and ‘Ye back home in Chi-Town!



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