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Grammy award winning producer Bangladesh is one of the hottest producers in the game.

Lil Wayne’s infamous “A Milli” beat was produced by none other than Mr. Bangladesh. Basically, every hot track by a R&B or hip-hop artist was cooked up and created by Bangladesh. 

Most recently, Bangladesh founded his own record label, in the midst of producing “Cockiness” for Rihanna’s Talk That Talk and Justin Bieber’s new “transition” album. 

GlobalGrind sat down with Bangladesh to chit-chat with him about everything under the sun, but his work with Justin Bieber definitely caught our attention. 

Find out what Bangladesh had to say about J.Biebs in the exclusive interview below!

Make sure you keep it locked, part two and three of Bangladesh’s exclusive interview will be coming soon!

You’re working with Justin Bieber. Justin’s in transition & we know you helped him with his swag. When will we hear the song ya’ll cooked up?  

What we did is genuine. It’s swagged out. That’s really the biggest challenge for him, is the swag. Going from the writer who has all the swag because he’s the creator of it, he wrote it. He’s in pocket, in tune. When he demos it and when we give it to him and he cuts it, it’s a difference in swag. That’s the biggest challenge really, for people to believe him convincingly, it has to come across just like it sounded. Natural. The songs that we did for him are definitely like what Usher could do. He was impressed and happy about the songs because all the producers been giving him pop songs, haven’t been really giving him hip-hop.

Justin does love hip-hop and hip-hop artists. 

Hip-hop is what the world does. It’s everywhere. I heard the McDonald’s commercial with the hip-hop beat that sounded like mine. And I’m like ‘Damn, hip-hop’s everywhere’ and that “A Milli” sound is everywhere. It’s crazy…

So were you actually in the studio with Justin Bieber?

Actually, we made the song; just me and the writer made the song and gave it to him. The second song, I was in the studio with him. I played some tracks that he picked. He picked the tracks.

How is Justin Bieber? He seems like a cool kid.

Yeah he’s just a cool kid, influenced by the hip-hop community. (He) wants to be in the clubs, wants to be relevant everywhere. Just wants to be like standing next to Wayne in the club type. He want an 808. He wants to sing and he wants a big booty girl. But he’s a cool little dude, he’s talkative, down to earth, but he really knows dope beats though. When I’m playing, I know my selection of music that I’m playing. I know what’s on this level and that level and Justin picked some good beats. So he got an ear for what he wants to do.