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Obama: 80% Clean Energy by 2035!

by Elaine Carter




As Obama entered the chamber to deliver his State of the Union Address, he was genuinely very personable as he hugged and greeted his constituents.  A sense of unity was attempted as Democrats and Republicans sat side by side.  Obama asked,  “Can we work together tomorrow? I believe we can, and we must.”  He further adds, “Each of us are part of something greater, bigger than parties and politics…We are poised for progress. The  economy is growing again.”  He quoted a wonderful line from Ted Kennedy, “The future is not a gift, it’s an achievement!”  




American innovation is all about reinventing ourselves. Obama plans to have America running on 80% renewable energy by the year 2035!  This is MONUMENTAL AND VERY PROGRESSIVE towards a sustainable world.  It will also create 1000s of new green jobs!  He also wants to kick start the Green Car revolution by getting more electric vehicles on the road.   Our President had this to say, “I want America to be the first country to have one million electric vehicles on the road by 2015.”  I say, AMEN to that.  




I love Obama’s progressive green thinking and his continued push for clean energy jobs. He proposes to eliminate tax subsidies for oil companies to pay for the development and implementation of green energy.   Out with the oily old, and in with the renewable. 


Obama also has a plan to improve education so that Americans can once again compete with the rest of the world in science, math and technology.  In recent decades, The United States has fallen way off the radar with worldwide low rankings for academics.  He recognizes that the fostering of education begins in the home. 




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