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Hanukkah began last night and Christmas is just a few days away. Business should be booming for all major retail outlets, including Lowe’s Home Improvement, but it’s not.

DETAILS: GlobalGrind Supports The Growing Boycott Against Lowe’s

In wake of the recent controversy involving Lowe’s that has turned into a major boycott against the hardware giant, there has been a negative light shining on the company, and with their chief competitor, Home Depot still advertising during TLC’s All-American Muslim, it is making Lowe’s look even worse.

VIDEO: Boycott Lowe’s And Give Them Back Their Stuff!

All we’re asking for is an apology from Lowe’s CEO Robert Niblock. He is single-handedly putting his company in jeopardy and is damaging his own personal image. We’re confused as to why he won’t admit what he did was wrong and until he does, we will continue to boycott the influence of bigotry in corporate decision-making. 

Lowe’s has spoken out about the mess they’re in via their twitter account, stating:

“…It is never our intent to alienate anyone. Lowe’s values diversity of thought in everyone, including our employees and prospective customers.”

DETAILS: Three Powerful American Religious Leaders Condemn Lowe’s

Although they claim to value diversity, they have showed no such thinking through their actions. Members of congress, powerful religious leaders and celebrities alike have all spoken out against Lowe’s. NAACP leader Ben Jealous spoke on the controversy this past week and, most recently, Tyrese and even Snoop Dogg have tweeted their support of the boycott.

We will continue to stand up against Lowe’s until they right their wrong. Sign the petition here. Over 200,000 have already done so.