Fareed Zakaria of CNN said it best when he stated: “And let’s be honest, there is a cancer of extremism in the Arab world.” There is a cancer. In fact, it is worse than a cancer. There are so-called Muslims which advocate and carry out despicable violence. Mind you, despicable is an understatement to describe […]

Lately, there has been a lot of hate thrown toward the Muslim community. An act of terror occurs and immediately we forget that we are all a part of the “Great American Melting Pot” where everyone is different and these differences are praised. Sure, some Muslims have committed heiness crimes in this country and my […]

San Francisco has got some explaining to do! DETAILS: What A Surprise! NYPD Spying On Muslims Led To No Terror Leads  Bus ads that many are calling anti-Muslim are riding all over the city on San Fran’s Muni buses and nothing is being done to stop it. The ads, sponsored by the American Freedom Defense Initiative […]

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton moderated a discussion between Rabbi Marc Schneier, President of The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, and Imam Shamsi Ali, former spiritual leader of the Islamic Cultural Center of New York. The three discussed the important topic of “Combating Islamophobia.” STORY: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop! NYPD Defends Spying On Muslims The sold […]

“When the streets is watching, Blocks keep clocking, Waiting for you to break, make your first mistake, Can’t ignore it.” -Jay-Z “Streets Is Watching” Turns out that the NYPD is watching these days, especially if you’re Muslim! Since 2007, the NYPD has been conducting surveillance operations on Muslim mosques in Newark, NJ, collecting the license […]

Airing this Sunday, New Years’ Day, All-American Muslim presents a complex look at the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in Dearborn, Michigan. Check out the above clip, some highlights from this week’s upcoming episode where the women of Muslim discuss the constant defense of their faith due to the acts of Osama Bin […]

Hanukkah began last night and Christmas is just a few days away. Business should be booming for all major retail outlets, including Lowe’s Home Improvement, but it’s not. DETAILS: GlobalGrind Supports The Growing Boycott Against Lowe’s In wake of the recent controversy involving Lowe’s that has turned into a major boycott against the hardware giant, […]

Less than two weeks ago, hardware giant Lowe’s made headlines for pulling their ads from TLC’s All-American Muslim. Thousands of men and woman quickly became outraged by their insensitivity to those of different cultures. EXCLUSIVE: Three Powerful American Religious Leaders Condemn Lowe’s We’re excited to report that over 200,000 signatures were collected by Christian, Jewish, […]

“Freedom of religion is a hallmark of this country. It is time to decide whether or not we are going to live up to our values.” – Dr. Ingrid Mattson, immediate past President of the Islamic Society of North America This quote reflects well the challenge we as a country face in light of the […]

As the official boycott of Lowe’s hardware giant begins today, let’s take a look at what the cast of TLC’s All-American Muslim has to say about the controversy surrounding their show. VIDEO SOURCE: [USA Today]

Rabbi Marc Schneier and Russell Simmons, president and chairman of The Foundation for Ethnic Understanding have called on advertisers on TLC unscripted series All-American Muslim to spurn a demand by the Florida Family Association and other anti-Muslim groups that they drop their advertising support for the series. Rabbi Schneier and Simmons condemned as “caving in […]

It’s that time of day again, where we at Global Grind bring you all a collection some of today’s best twitpics posted by some of our favorite celebrities. Although we can’t live the life being apart of these celebrities’ lives, they certainly give us a glimpse of what they’re daily where and what-abouts through twitpic […]