If you are in Australia and a fan of Banksy artwork, you may be able to get your hands on a free one if you are cunning enough. This is because in order to obtain the painting you have to literally steal it off of the security monitored wall at an Art Series Hotel. Some have tried messing with the cameras, others have tried distracting people with room service calls, put the woman who got the first one, got escorted right out with the painting in her hand.

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The Banksy “No Ball Games” painting is one of two that are available to be stolen in the Art Series Hotel. The other painting is titled “Pulp Fiction” because it is based on the actual Quentin Tarantino movie. 

The grand scheme consisted of Maura Tuohy telling the hotel management that they had come to collect the painting to bring it to the next Art Series Hotel location and proceeded to give them a number for someone to verify her story. Unluckily for the hotel, the person on the other line was her friend Megan Aney. The hotel staff helped her take it off of the wall and down to the hotel lobby. She walked right out of the front door to her car with the painting in hand.

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Maura Tuohy and Megan Aney returned to the hotel later that day so the Hotel could congratulate them on the perfect heist. The Hotel won’t have them back until after January 15th but we think they should try getting the second one too!

Congrats girls.

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