After a full 31 days of keeping New York City on its axis waiting for the next vandalism, Banksy has at long sorrow last, wrapped up his no walls gallery exhibition, “Better In Than Out.” The 30 day exhibit turned NYC into a wall-less gallery, before it became a game of “Will Banksy’s art be vandalized […]

Well that wasn’t very nice. Everyone’s favorite mystery artist, Banksy, is doing a tour and leaving his mark on New York City, but he didn’t have very kind things to say about the 104-floor World Trade One building in NYC’s financial district. In lieu of a cryptic piece of artwork on a crumbling wall in Brooklyn or Chelsea […]

While you’re sitting at your desk counting down the hours to Friday, have a little compassion for the man (or the art collective, who knows) Banksy, who has been hard at work for 23 days straight evading the police, making art (and headlines), and staying up to date on social media throughout it all…all in […]

One of the truths of the universe is this: We only know how much we don’t know. How else was I expected to open up an article about one of the (arguably) most infamous anonymous street artists of this decade? It’s easy for things to get a little muddled when it comes to the “man” […]

With the Olympics beginning at the end of this week, everywhere you look there are Olympic branded sneakers, clothing and products available, but how does an artist like Banksy contribute to the games? By making street art dedicated to the Olympics of course! PHOTOS: Nick Stern Proves That He’s “Not Banksy” But Knows How To […]

Banksy’s work may be one of the most highly recognizable in the world of street art today. Case in point: his politically fueled artwork can be seen on walls all over the world. Even though his identity has managed to remain a mystery, he’s still successfully released books, commissioned exhibits and even featured his work […]

If you are in Australia and a fan of Banksy artwork, you may be able to get your hands on a free one if you are cunning enough. This is because in order to obtain the painting you have to literally steal it off of the security monitored wall at an Art Series Hotel. Some […]

Controversial street artist Banksy has been hard at work these past few weeks in his hometown of London, England.  His politically inspired, and oftentimes socially aware, form of artwork has been popping up all over the streets of London and other parts of England.  Beginning on Black Friday, Banksy put up a “Shop til you […]

Not much is known about wily English artist Banksy, so journalist Marc Leverton has decided to publish a book about the myths and legends surrounding the Exit Through The Gift Shop producer. The book’s title? Banksy: Myths & Legends. It took the author almost three years to get all the material onto paper. STORY: Banksy Hasn’t […]

Everyone knows art is subjective and difficult to figure out.  Equally baffling is the price one pays, sometimes, for works that move and inspire. So what happens when your favorite artist’s work shows up on someone’s body as a tattoo? Does it enhance the work? Does the work lose its flava? Can new meanings be […]


Jim Jones has just released the remix his latest single ‘Gretzky’ (as in the superstar hockey player Wayne Gretzky). Produced by beatmaker-of-the-moment Lex Luger, the track sounds an awful lot like Rick Ross‘ anthem ‘B.M.F.’ (which Luger also produced). The star of the track is definitely Yo Gotti, who sounds right at home on the […]


Slim Thug in collaboration with B.o.B bring you the ‘for-the-radio’ single ‘So High’ – the newest single off of Slim’s upcoming album Tha Thug Show, due out November 30th. The album will also feature Lil Wayne, Yo Gotti, Nipsey Hustle and Z-Ro. Slim Thug was #2 on Billboard with his 2005 debut Already Platinum. In […]