Controversial street artist Banksy has been hard at work these past few weeks in his hometown of London, England. 

His politically inspired, and oftentimes socially aware, form of artwork has been popping up all over the streets of London and other parts of England. 

Beginning on Black Friday, Banksy put up a “Shop til you Drop” piece which depicted a woman falling over a cliff with a shopping cart. Most likely put up to symbolize the overly emphasized shopping season that begins on Black Friday, Banksy decided to make this the beginning of his assault on the city, instead of a day of shopping.

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Since then, he has put up five additional pieces of work throughout England with a strong possibility that there is more to come. 

Banksy has almost become a household name, releasing movies, books and being featured on magazine covers. 

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Hopefully he continues his reign by not getting caught, because we are definitely fans of his work!

You can take a look at all of the pieces he’s been putting up all over England in the gallery above.

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