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Everyone knows art is subjective and difficult to figure out. 

Equally baffling is the price one pays, sometimes, for works that move and inspire. So what happens when your favorite artist’s work shows up on someone’s body as a tattoo? Does it enhance the work?

Does the work lose its flava? Can new meanings be gleaned or is it rendered totally meaningless? All of the above?

More importantly, what would these artists think about their work on a new and different canvas?

If it were say, Andy Warhol, we’re sure he would be simultaneously disturbed and thrilled with his Campbell Soup Can has found a home on someone’s bicep or forearm. We’re not sure what Duchamp would think if he saw someone walking around with a tattoo of his urinal on a body part.

Whatever their positions, you must admit that the folks with these tattoos are either fanatics or deeply committed to an ideological perspective.

After the break, meet some of them.

Hat tip to Flavorpill.

Above: A Picasso got this guy’s back.




Chuck Close. 


Frida Kahlo. 




Kara Walker. 


Marcel Du Champ. 


Sheperd Fairey.

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